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I love this game. It has a good gameplay, mechanics, and just the idea is already icredible! It's even being updated! You guys are incredible!


Watched some gameplay from the Ludum Dare. So keen for a Mac release let alone an updated release since the Ludum Dare.


Thanks! Mac release is a goal!

This game looks so awesome, hoping for a port to Mac or Linux!!! If you need any help developing wise, I'd love to contribute.

I just played through the game and i absolutely loved it it does get easy after you know all the patterns but, what if you could come up with new types of pieces to spice it up? that would be cool or do a dlc that takes place during the future after midevil times possibly sci-fi based that indroduces new pawns while keeping some old. just throwing some things in the ring. I really hope to see this game take off. ( :

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It's supposed to be chess so a sci-fi wouldn't really make since.

also a pawn is the thing you play as, the enemies are other chess pieces.

June teaser image:


Looks good

@leafo Thank you!  More to come :D