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Now in Active Development

Originally created for Ludum Dare 41: "Combine 2 Incompatible Genres"
Now in active development for commercial release

The rogue-lite genre meets chess in this open world game inspired by classic Zelda and the Dark Souls games, among endless rogue-like/rogue-lite games.

As you use Chess-based attacks in real-time combat, take down the skeletal army, collect "glory" from enemies, and keys from bosses to unlock new gear, attack powers, and upgrades!

 Demo Controls

  • Arrow keys to move.  
  • Z to attack

Ludum Dare Result

Out of over 2000 qualifying game submissions, Rogue Pawn scored 3rd place overall!  We're so thrilled!
See full results here

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Ludum Dare Release 14 MB

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June teaser image:


Looks good

@leafo Thank you!  More to come :D