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A 72-hour-made boss-brawler where you loop back in time each time you die, effectively duplicating yourself and slowly amassing an army of "yous" to defeat your foes.


When gargantuan juggernauts break into our dimension, thrift store employee and arcane inventor Peter Landolph creates a time vortex called the Chronosseum.

With the abominable catastrophe giants trapped in the Chronosseum, our world is safe... for about 47.23 seconds.

To save the planet, Peter Landolph must become the Time Viking and enter the Chronosseum!

Armed with Arcane Tridents and the ability to use thrift goods as catalysts for many frail lives, the Time Viking will repeat his assault on these abominations with... all of himselves.

... As long as he doesn't run out of goods to replace him.


Chronosseum.zip 4 MB

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